Cripp's Forge,Staines Road 1920

Joan Mann's Flower shop,Staines Road 1959



Gibb's Corner,Great South West Road

The Black Dog,Staines Road



The Green Man



Bisons 1953

1948, Keith,Barbara,Robin,Brian and David Rendell at Longford Avenue

Northumberland Crescent V.E.streetparty 1946


Robin and Rita Rendell

1950,Vic Rendell the postman

1936, Bedfont Fruit Stores, Fruiterer A.E.PARRANT Greengrocer



1959,Bill and Jean Shaw at Northumberland Crescent

1956, Ann and Stephen Shurey of Page Road in their grantparents

garden at Northumberland Crescent





ARMS: Per fesse wavy Argent and Azure in chief two Palets Sable between a Tudor Rose stalked slipped and leaved proper and a Peacock in his pride Vert and in base in front of two Wings conjoined of the first a Sword erect Or.
On a Wreath of the Colours within a Chaplet of Hawthorn fructed proper a Mount of Pellets thereon an Eagle wings expanded Or.

Granted 19th June 1945
Motto 'IN UNITATEM COEAMUS'-Let us go forward together.

The wavy line and the silver and blue field indicate the Duke of Northumberland's River which takes the head-waters of the River Colne to Syon House, and the Longford River (also called the Queen's or Cardinal's River) which takes the Colne Waters to serve, the fountain and lakes of Hampton Court. The two black palets represent railway lines and indicate Feltham's importance in the southern portion of the British Railways system. The rose stands for the Tudor associations of Hanworth, particularly the claim that Elizabeth I spent much of her early childhood at Hanworth Manor. The peacock represents the topiary peacocks in the grounds of St Mary's Church, Bedfont, which are accepted as local emblems. The winged sword stands for the London Airport and the district's close association with the aircraft industry. The sword also refers to the Royal Army Ordnance Depot, and to the ancient sword-mill marked on a 17th century map.
The gunstones also allude to the R.A.O.C. Depot, and to the powder mills which formerly existed in the Crane Valley. The hawthorn refers to the Spelthorne Hundred, and the eagle is a reference not only of air traffic, but also of the old Roman road to the west which passed through the district


Robin Rendell born April 1939 at 26 Longford Avenue, Bedfont,Middlesex

I have written 7 books on Bedfont, they are, Memories Of A Bedfont War Baby, A Bedfont Teenager in the 1950's,

Bedfont My Village, Her Majesty Requires Your Presence, Memories Are Made Of These, Back Home Again, and

A Home Of Our Own. All books are 3 each and profits go to Ashford Middlesex Hospital Breast Cancer unit.

I have researched Bedfont and hold many old photographs of people places and schools.

Through my books contacts have been made by many old Bedfont folk from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, USA

and of course the flying Dutchman who has kindly designed and made this web site.



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